General questions

So what about barometer and altimeter?


Atmotube PLUS/PRO has barometer and altimeter functions. The device reports atmospheric pressure and altitude in real time. Atmotube PRO also predicts the weather based on the change in atmospheric pressure according to the algorithm in table below.

Note: A barometer should be adjusted to show equivalent sea-level pressure for the altitude at which it is to be used. A change of 100 feet in elevation will cause a decrease of 110 inch in the reading.


The default altitude value is set by the GPS data (if GPS is enabled in the settings).

  • p0 - Calculated mean sea level pressure
  • p - Measured/barometric pressure
  • h - Elevation of measured data
  • T - Measured air temperature

Altitude is also calculated based on the difference between current atmospheric pressure and pressure at mean sea level. Every 8.8 meters atmospheric pressure drops by 1 mbar.

Pressure at mean sea level is received from the weather server based on GPS location. This value can also be entered manually.

Mean sea level rate calculator (converter)