Atmocube Cloud Dashboard

Exporting Sensor Data From Dashboard

Measurement history for the selected period on the measurement graph can be exported with the download button shown below:

or with the "Export data" button in the "Devices" tab.

Note that if several devices are selected, all data will be exported as an archive containing separate CSV files for each device. The location and the device name is contained in the file names.

Once the export button in the history is pressed and confirmed, a "Export has started!" UI notification will appear.

An e-mail notification will all be sent to your account address:

Export files can be downloaded from the notification email or from the “Exports” tab in the dashboard.

The "Export" tab provides a list of all export files:

  • Export file names have the following format:
    organization name_location name_floor number_start date_end date_export generation date_export file creation time
  • "Date" column indicates date and time when an export file was created
  • "Status" column contain download buttons for exported files
  • Export files can be filtered by name using the "Search" input field