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About ATMO®

ATMO® (formerly known as Atmotube) is an international company (HQ is in San-Francisco) specializing in air quality and environmental monitoring products.

Founded in 2016, ATMO helps people be aware of the air quality in their immediate surroundings and how it affects their wellbeing and health, and what to do about it.

Having started with the idea of creating the world’s first consumer-level air pollution monitor, ATMO became one of the leading engineering teams in the field of portable and stationary environmental sensing for consumers and businesses.

Our team is passionate about bringing tools for people which can improve their lives. We focus on delivering highly accurate and informative devices in a user-friendly format and on reasonable pricing. Long time, precise air quality and environmental data was a privilege only for big labs and municipalities, and we aim to democratize the highly accurate tools for people, professionals, businesses and researchers.

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Our story

Our company was established by an experienced team of hardware and software engineers in 2016 who wanted to provide an accurate air pollution monitor that would notify people in real-time if the air isn’t safe to breathe.

To address this issue, we developed Atmotube, the first consumer device that tracks air pollution locally and sends the hyperlocal air quality data to the public map. ATMO currently operates in B2C, B2B and B2G segments and continues to offer the most advanced hardware sensing products.

What we do

Portable devices

By now we’ve already released three generations of Atmotube and have customers in 78 countries.

Being certified by mCERTS and validated by AQ-SPEC at South Coast AQMD, Atmotube monitors maintain a high reputation among air quality researchers, government contractors and NGOs for their proven sensor accuracy and data analysis capabilities.

Stationary devices for businesses

In 2021, ATMO released Atmocube, an indoor environmental tracking system for commercial and residential buildings.

Equipped with up to 14 different sensors that track various air pollutants and environmental comfort parameters, it helps building owners and operators assure people of indoor air quality safety, meet advanced green building standards, and increase energy efficiency.

Engineering and product design services

ATMO has been involved in various engineering projects devoted to air quality measurement, be it outdoor stations, vehicle solutions or smart home devices. We help to engineer and design indoor/outdoor products in fixed, semi-fixed and wearable form-factors.

Accurate data is everything

Sensors used in ATMO® devices showed a high correlation with professional equipment (BAM, GRIMM, etc) used in field and laboratory tests by a number of US and European testing laboratories. Through our special compensation algorithms, we aligned the accuracy and performance of our mobile sensors for both gas concentrations and physical parameters with professional-grade systems.

We are honored to say that after a rigorous accuracy assessment, multiple universities, governmental and non-governmental organizations around the world chose ATMO air quality monitors to conduct their research. To learn more about our ongoing projects, please contact us for more information.

We share the collected data from sensors and contribute data to our global air pollution map to spread the word about the importance of air quality.

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