IAQ Monitoring for HVAC Service and Maintenance

With portable and stationary air quality testing tools

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IAQ Testing for Residential and Commercial HVAC Contractors:

HVAC worker

HVAC inspection for upselling and cross-selling

air quality dashboard application with data

HVAC equipment performance reports

Meeting advanced green building certification criteria

Equip your HVAC Technician with IAQ Data

Equip Your HVAC Technician with IAQ Data:

  • Home comfort parameters in one device: air quality, temperature, and humidity.

  • Run instant air quality tests – no need to connect the monitor to Wi-Fi.

  • Save the data in a CSV file with 1-min, 5-min, and 15-min intervals.

  • Educate a home owner with visual data.

  • Win more sales and increase your customer satisfaction.

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Smart Air Quality Monitoring for HVAC Systems:

  • All-in-one real-time environmental comfort tracking system.

  • Custom data display options for building occupants.

  • BMS/BAS integration via MQTT, Modbus, or BACnet.

  • USB-C, PoE, 24 V AC/DC powering options.

  • RESET accreditation and compliance with green building standards.

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Host your air quality data on our cloud or integrate it with your BMS/BAS using MQTT, Modbus, or BACnet.

Various connectivity and powering options, namely USB-C, PoE, 24 V AC/DC, make it easy to install and maintain Atmocube.

Choose the Right IAQ Monitoring Tool for Your Business

Atmotube PRO

Portable air quality monitor

  • Identifying problematic areas inside the building

  • Indoor VS outdoor air quality comparison

  • Instant AQ testing without Wi-Fi installation

  • PM1, PM2.5, PM10

  • MEMS TVOC sensor with automatic calibration

  • Temperature, Humidity

  • Atmospheric pressure

  • Mobile App

  • GPS data is extracted from a paired mobile device

  • Cloud Storage

  • API

  • CSV Data Extraction

  • Bluetooth Low Energy

  • Battery powered (Up to 10 days)


Stationary environmental monitor

  • Real-time assessment of building comfort factors

  • BMS Integration

  • Contribution to green building certification

  • PM1, PM2.5, PM10

  • MEMS TVOC sensor with automatic calibration

  • Formaldehyde, CO2

  • Temperature, Humidity

  • Atmospheric pressure

  • Ambient light intensity and Noise levels

  • Mobile App

  • Dashboard

  • Cloud Storage

  • API

  • CSV Data Extraction

  • Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n @ 2.4GHz)

  • Bluetooth LE, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB-A, RS-485

  • USB-C, direct wiring, PoE (3-hour backup battery)

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Air quality display on the wall with Atmocube — air quality monitor
Frequently Asked Questions
What parameters does Atmocube monitor?
Atmocube measures CO2, TVOC, CH2O, PM2.5, PM1, PM10, CO, O3, Temperature, Humidity, Light intensity, and Noise. More on Atmocube Sensors here.
Can we host Atmocube data on our cloud?
Yes. With Atmocube, you own your data.
Can we connect Atmocube to our BMS/BAS?
Yes. You can do it by using these connectivity options: MQTT, Modbus (TCP/IP or RTU), and BACnet (IP or MSTP).
How can we raise awareness about the indoor air quality with Atmocube?
There are three options:
  1. You can enable the display mode in your admin dashboard and broadcast the air quality score on the e-ink display. The display has a 3-year battery life and automatically connects to the closest Atmocube without needing installation.
  2. You can encourage your space users to download the user app to access the data wherever they are.
  3. You can also print out the unique QR code for users to scan and check the building’s  real-time air quality score on the web from any device.
Do Atmocube sensors require manual recalibration?
Atmocube sensors have automatic self-calibration, cleaning, and data normalization algorithms, which ensure long-term stability without the need for any manual action from users. Read more here. However, if your project requires annual sensor calibration or replacement, we offer annual sensor maintenance subscription.
Can we request custom designed indoor air quality monitors?
Absolutely. Contact us by submitting the form to discuss the details.