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Brainteaser Project is deploying Atmotube PRO for an extensive research program devoted to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and multiple sclerosis. Multiple research groups involved in Brainteaser analyze clinical, environmental, and behavioral data based on AI modeling to offer a more effective approach to care for patients with ALS and MS.

The project is funded by European Commission through the Horizon2020 program.

Project partners: Instituto de Medicina Molecular, Università degli Studi di Torino, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Università di Pavia, Università degli Studi di Padova, European Brain Council, ECHAlliance Group (European Connected Health Alliance), IST, MNDN-PV, iMM, SERMAS, FCIÊNCIAS.ID, Belit.

Breathe Southern California is studying how air quality impacts lung health by monitoring the health conditions of individuals with asthma in Pacoima, California. The project funded by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) provides Atmotube portable air quality sensors and enabled inhalers to 50 research participants. The study will overlay real-time air quality and inhaler use data to identify potential exacerbation “hotspots” in the area. Project partners include Northeast Valley Health Corporation (NEVHC), Propeller Health, Pacoima Beautiful, and the University of California Los Angeles.

Researchers at the University of Calgary are exploring the impact of residential proximity to fracking and child health. Fracking has opened up new opportunities for oil and gas extraction in multiple geographic regions around the world; however, controversies over the health impacts of this process remain.

Children may be especially susceptible to the impact of fracking compared to adults as they tend to spend more time outdoors, breathe faster, and exposures that occur during critical stages of development may have long lasting impacts.

Children in this study are using Atmotube to capture their exposure to air pollutants over a one week period. Children will also undergo a structured assessment evaluating their cognitive and academic functioning, adaptive behaviour, and social-emotional functioning.

Atmotube PROs were used to monitor air quality in Madison Park Community in Santa Ana, CA. The project was led by the Madison Park Community Association and the University of California, Irvine, and funded by California Air Resources Board to increase awareness of environmental justice concerns in the area. Researchers aim to identify if the air pollution problem was primarily caused by industrial sources or traffic. Another goal is to determine how socioeconomic factors are connected to air quality.

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An undergraduate Environmental Studies class at Lewis & Clark College is using Atmotube PRO devices to provide a hands-on experience for students to practice research design, implementation, analysis, and communication. Using air quality observations (quantitative) and interview techniques (qualitative), teams of students craft a research question, implement their research design, and publish their results via an ArcGIS Storymap.

Atmotube was a part of the research focusing on the smoke detector performance of air quality sensors using combustion products from spacecraft materials. The research goal was to optimize fire detection with low-cost air quality sensors. Our device responded well to all fire emission tests and showed a high correlation with the PID measurements. The joint study was conducted by the researchers from Desert Research Institute, the University of Nevada, Reno, and NASA Glenn Research Center. Check a full reportDisclaimer: the current model of Atmotube doesn’t have a CO sensor.

The Health Sciences Department at University du Québec à Chicoutimi is running a research study on the environmental conditions of police officers that conduct bicycle patrols. This project is part of a larger analysis of the effect work-related conditions have on the health and safety of police officers. Using Atmotube PRO the research group will collect information on their exposure to external factors such as temperature, atmospheric conditions, etc., and correlate this data with physiological variables.

Research group at UCI Health used Atmotube PRO from July-September in 2020 to examine their personal PM2.5 and VOC exposures during the beginning of the COVID-19 re-opening stages and California wildfires. The focus of the pilot study was to evaluate personal exposure differences based on volunteers' housing, and time-activities, i.e., smoking, cooking, cleaning, indoor ventilation system change, and mobility (driving, biking, walking).
Spatial and temporal changes were reflected in the sensor measurements for each individual. Further, sensors were also able to capture extreme elevation in both PM2.5 and VOC levels during the wildfire episode.

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Atmotube PRO — Certified air quality monitor
Atmotube PRO — Wearable, portable air quality monitor and weather station
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Atmocube — Air Quality Indoor Environmental Monitoring
Air Pollution

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