Atmocube Cloud Dashboard

Creating and Setting Up a Dashboard Account

Step 1: Use the “Sign up” button to create a new dashboard account at

Step 2: Confirm your email address by checking your inbox folder for the confirmation email. Check the spam folder if the confirmation email is not in the inbox.

Clicking the “Confirm Email” button in the confirmation email will redirect you to your activated dashboard account. If using an alternate device to confirm your email address, click on the “Already confirmed” button on the confirm email page. 

Step 3: Create a new organization by entering a name, or join an existing organization if invited to one. A logo can be added by dragging and dropping a file in the browser window or by browsing for the file.

Step 4: Create a new location: enter the location name, select the country, and specify the time zone for the location (required). The other fields are optional.

Step 5: Once a location is created, you may add floors and floor plans to it. Refer to the “Managing Locations” section in Managing Atmocube in Dashboard for more details.

You’re now ready to add Atmocubes to your dashboard account.