Advanced Setup

Modifying On-Device Indicator Ranges

The Atmocube employs a front LED panel to visually communicate the status of different air quality parameters through color indications. Users have the flexibility to adjust these default intervals and color settings using the Atmocube Configuration Tool.


  • Atmocube
  • A USB flash drive formatted with the FAT file system.

Step-by-Step Guide

1. Access the Configuration Tool:

  • You can find the model number on the back of the device. Or you can easily distinguish between the SKU option needed here based on whether the device has a PoE port on the back.

2. Network Configuration:

  • Go to the Wi-Fi tab and enter your Wi-Fi network details. Configure any alternate network settings, such as LAN, as needed.

3. Custom LED Configuration:

  • Move to the LEDs tab and enable the Custom LED Configuration option.
  • In the TVOC configuration dropdown, the TVOC index option is pre-selected.

    Note: If your device does not display the VOC index parameter in the Dashboard, select the TVOC ppm option.
  • Default interval ranges and their corresponding colors for each air quality parameter will be displayed.
  • To modify, adjust the interval ranges for each parameter using the provided options. Select new colors with the color picker, ensuring distinctiveness for readability. Additional intervals can be added with the Add Interval button.

An example of how the CO2 interval ranges could be changed:

Note: Do not exceed the maximum sensor parameter limits when setting the highest interval. For example, the CO2 parameter limit is 5000. The default interval ranges at which each on-device air quality indicator changes color can be viewed here: Sensors and Ranges

4. Generate Configuration File:

  • After customizing the intervals and colors, click the Generate config button to create a config.json file.
  • Save this file to the root directory of your FAT-formatted USB flash drive.

5. Updating the Atmocube:

  • Disconnect the Atmocube from its power source (if already on).
  • Insert the USB flash drive into the Atmocube’s USB-A slot.
  • Reconnect Atmocube to power. Upon startup, it will automatically detect the config.json file. The power status LED will turn solid purple to signify detection.
  • Once the Atmocube connects to the network (indicated by a green network status LED), remove the USB flash drive.
  • Your Atmocube should now reflect the newly set air quality indicator color ranges.


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