Setting up Atmocube

Applications Suite: Apps for Guests, Admins, and Setup

Explore the suite of applications designed to help you configure your Atmocube device and access air quality readings:

Atmocube Mobile App - For Guest Users

Connect with the nearest Atmocube via Bluetooth and view real-time sensor readings without accessing the Dashboard Web App.

Atmocube continuously broadcasts data via Bluetooth, allowing users to view readings from all sensors in real-time.

               Note: All visuals are for illustration and may change with future updates.

Atmocube Dashboard Web App

The Atmocube Dashboard Web App is accessible at

The Dashboard Web App allows management and customization of devices while offering a convenient way of viewing and comparing data from network-connected Atmocubes remotely.

Follow the video guide at this link to set up your Dashboard account.

               Note: All visuals are for illustration and may change with future updates.

Atmocube Dashboard Mobile App - For Admins

Note: Currently available for Android. Coming soon to iOS.

Monitor indoor air quality (IAQ) from your Atmocube devices with features like:

  • Wi-Fi or Ethernet setup in a few seconds without leaving the app.
  • Set up your account, organization name, and device locations directly from the app.
  • Quick IAQI overview for your Atmocube devices, allowing easy access to more detailed information.
  • Real-time IAQ data and analyze historical readings over different time periods (day, month, or year) and across various AQ parameters.
  • ‍Easily export data from your Atmocube devices and access previous exports.
  • ‍Ensure your Atmocube devices are always up-to-date with the latest firmware for optimal performance.

Read more in this blog post.

Atmocube Wi-Fi Setup App - For Admins

The Note: Currently available for iOS only. 

Atmocube Wi-Fi Setup App enables you to connect Atmocube to a Wi-Fi network.

For instructions on connecting Atmocube to a Wi-Fi network using the Wi-Fi setup app, please refer here