Atmocube Cloud Dashboard

‍Monitoring Atmocube(s) Using Dashboard

After adding the monitor or mobile device to the dashboard, the reading history of selected Atmocubes will appear on the main screen.

Data is displayed for the selected Amtocube(s) (highlighted with a corresponding color frame). Data from another Atmocube can be included or excluded from the graph by clicking on the Atmocube name widget. If multiple Atmocubes are connected to the same dashboard account, there will be multiple widgets.

By hovering the cursor over the Atmocube widget, all current measurements will appear in a pop-up window with corresponding color indications.

Note: this feature may work differently with a small monitor or mobile device:

To easily access the "Edit device" screen, press the gear icon (⚙) near the device name. On the main screen, devices can be filtered by several parameters:

  • Location filter - displays Atmocubes for selected location
  • Floor filter - displays Atmocubes for the previously selected location on specific floor
  • Status filter - displays online or offline Atmocubes

If the floor plan has been added and Atmocube locations have been set, clicking on the icons below will switch between map view and graph view.

It is also possible to select/deselect Atmocubes directly on the floor plan.

Selected Atmocubes are highlighted with a colored square around them:

To open the graph function, click on the Atmocube widget. Up to three graphs can be displayed to track Atmocube readings over time:

Use the first drop-down menu to choose the sensor reading to be displayed in the graph.

Use the second drop-down menu to choose the time period.

To zoom in or out, place the cursor on the graph and scroll the mouse wheel forward or backward. To zoom out so that the graph fits the selected period, use the magnifying glass button in the upper right corner.