Setting up Atmocube

Atmocube Placement Guide

Locate the Atmocube within the range of the Wi-Fi router (maximum distance is up to 30 meters). Building construction and layout can affect the communication range.

Select a wall or any suitable flat surface (desk, shelf, etc.). The height from the ground should be between 0.9 m (2.9 ft) to 1.8 m (5.9 ft), and the distance from operable windows, air filters, and fresh air diffusers should be at least four meters.

Do not install the Atmocube behind doors, bookcases, or other objects.

Preferable Atmocube location

Mounting the Atmocube

Mount the Atmocube above a wall outlet, and plug in the device with the provided cord and plug.

The Atmocube can also be placed on a desk, shelf, or another flat surface.

Atmocube installation options

Drywall installation

  1. Mark the location of the holes for the two installation screws with a pencil using the drilling template provided with the device.
  2. Drill two holes at the marked locations.
  3. Insert the drywall anchors into the holes, and use a mallet or any similar tool to gently hammer them in.
  4. Partially screw the screws into the drywall anchors with a screwdriver.
  5. Hang the Atmocube up on the screws, matching them with the two holes on the back of the device; adjust screw depth if necessary for a secure fit.

Atmocube mounting