Setting up Atmocube

Mounting Guide

Mounting the Atmocube

Mount the Atmocube above a wall outlet, and plug in the device with a USB Type-C cable (included) and a 5V @ 2A USB-A power adapter (not included). You may also power the device using a PoE power source (PoE IEEE 802.3at 13-W PD Type 1 compliant) and a LAN cable (not included).

The Atmocube can also be placed on a desk, shelf, or other flat surface.

Powering the device using a USB Type-C cable and 5V @ 2A USB-A power adapter.
Powering the device using a PoE IEEE 802.3at 13-W PD Type 1 compliant power source and a LAN cable.

Drywall Installation

  1. Mark the location of the holes for the two installation screws with a pencil using the drilling template provided with the device. A downloadable digital copy of the drilling template is also available for your convenience.
  2. Drill two holes at the marked locations.
  3. Insert the drywall anchors into the holes, and use a mallet or any similar tool to gently hammer them in.
  4. Partially screw the screws into the drywall anchors with a screwdriver.
  5. Hang the Atmocube up on the screws, matching them with the two holes on the back of the device; adjust screw depth if necessary for a secure fit.

Atmocube mounting