Setting up Atmocube

Quick Setup Guide

1. Power Up: Connect the Atmocube to a power source. You have two options:

  • Option 1: Use a USB Power Adapter (DC 5V–2A)—not included in the box. Plug the USB Type-C connector of the power cable into the power slot on the back of the Atmocube.
  • Option 2: Alternatively, you can use a PoE cable. Ensure a PoE switch (PoE 802.3af, 0.2A) is available.
Wait 3 minutes for sensor heat-up, and 48 hours for TVOC sensor calibration


2. Network Connection: Get Atmocube online. You have a few options:

                a) Configure WiFi settings via the Atmocube Dashboard Mobile App (Android) 

                b)  Atmocube Wi-Fi Setup App (iOS)

                c) Advanced Wi-Fi configuration via USB

3. Create a Dashboard Account:

Once the device is connected to the network (flashing green/yellow), visit the webpage via the link: and sign up.

Android users can sign up using the Atmocube Dashboard Mobile App.

4. Register Atmocube:

  • Enter the device ID and other details on the dashboard to complete registration.

Registering your Atmocube on the dashboard allows you to store data in the cloud, analyze charts, make public links to present data, and more.

Free 30-day Storage: By default, you are on a free plan that stores AQ data for 30 days. If you need more, please upgrade to a PRO account by contacting us at

Cloud dashboard plans and their respective storage durations: Cloud Dashboard Plans

Placement Tips:

  • Choose a location on the wall, shelf, or tabletop.
  • Ensure the device is at least 1 meter away from potential influences.
  • Ideally, place it 1.1–1.7m above the floor.

For additional guidance, refer to our placement guide.

If you wish to wall mount your Atmocube, you need a drill and a cross-head screwdriver. Refer to the mounting guide.

You may also refer to the included printed guide in your product box for instructions and mounting marks. For your convenience, a downloadable digital copy of the guide is available.

Note: When using the printable guide as a drilling template, ensure that it is 128x128mm when printed and cut.

Firmware Update:

For best performance, we recommend updating the firmware. Please go to the Devices tab in the Dashboard Web App or Dashboard Mobile App and update your devices at your convenience.


  • Contact:
  • Submit a ticket on the support page.
  • Use the ATMO Bot for quick answers or leave an email for contact.

Additional Resources: