Know your Atmocube

Data and Storage FAQ

How does data storage work on Atmocube?

Once connected to the Internet, Atmocube begins sending readings to the cloud, where the data is stored. In addition, the onboard internal storage on the Atmocube can backup data for up to a week in case of any Internet connection issues or downtime. Once the Internet connection is restored, the data is uploaded and retained in the cloud. 

More about cloud dashboard plans and their respective storage durations: Cloud Dashboard Plans

NOTE: Any data collected by an Atmocube before the device is registered and linked to the Atmocube Dashboard is not synchronized with the Dashboard. Only after an Atmocube has been registered and linked to an Atmocube Dashboard account will the dashboard retain historical data from the onboard backup storage.

How long does the Atmocube Dashboard keep data on the Basic (free) plan?

The cloud dashboard retains data for 30 days on the basic dashboard plan.

How much bandwidth does Atmocube use?

Average data usage is about 0.25 MB/day. In addition to this, occasional OTA updates can use up to 1.5–2 MB per update.

What frequency does Atmocube collect and send data at?

Atmocube continuously monitors the air, taking readings about once per second. These readings are averaged per minute and sent to the cloud every minute. 

How can I view and export the data on the Atmocube?

In addition to the Atmocube user app, data from an Atmocube can be viewed and exported via the Atmotube Dashboard. To set up a dashboard account, make sure Atmocube is online and follow our dashboard setup guide

View data

Clicking on a device card allows viewing the detailed data and historical trends from the Atmocube once the device is connected and a dashboard account is created. Data from different devices or multiple measurements from the same device can be compared.

Export data

Data can be exported by following the data export guidelines here