Using Atmocube Dashboard

Adding Atmocube To Dashboard

Step 1

Create a new Atmocube dashboard account at (sign up), or sign in to an already created account.

Step 2

Create an organization or join an existing one. A company logo can be added by dragging and dropping a file in the browser window or by setting up a path to it.

Step 3

Create new location: enter location name, select country, and specify timezone for the location (required). Other fields are optional.

Step 4

Add the device using the “Add Device” option:

  1. enter “Device Name”
  2. enter “Device ID” (Click on "Help me find" tip for detailed information on finding ID)
  3. select the Atmocube location from drop-down list
  4. set the exact location if floor plan already uploaded. Click on, drag, and drop button in lower right corner of floor plan.
  5. click "Add device" at the bottom of the screen.

Step 5

After the Atmocube has been successfully added, it will appear in the dashboard.