Atmocube Cloud Dashboard

Managing Atmocube In Dashboard

Viewing device list

Click the "Devices" option to view all Atmocubes added to the organization:

The following functions are available In the “DEVICES” screen:

  • filter devices by location
  • add new device with "Add device" button (refer to "Adding Atmocube To Dashboard")
  • filter devices using "Search" field
  • export data for selected devices with "Export data" button (refer to "Exporting data")
  • edit devices (click the icon in the “Actions” column)

Editing devices

The following functions are available in the “Edit device” screen:

  • change device name
  • change device location
  • add floor plan 
  • change device position on existing floor plan

Save changes by pressing the "Save" button at the bottom of the screen.

Device notifications can also be fine-tuned on the “Edit Device” screen:

  1. Enable notifications for parameters as desired
  2. Set threshold values: enter directly in input fields, or choose predefined values with up and down arrows
  3. Save changes by pressing the "Save" button

If one or more parameters exceed the threshold values, a notification will appear in the dashboard interface:

If e-mail notifications are enabled in the Profile settings, a notification will be sent by e-mail:

Managing Locations

Click the "Locations" option to view all Atmocube locations in the organization. This option is only available to users with admin or owner access (refer to User roles).

The following functions are available in the “Locations” screen:

  • add new locations with the "Add Location" button
  • add floor and floor plan for the selected location with the "Add Floor" button
  • edit a location or a floor with the settings button (below):

Location without floor plan uploaded
Location with floor plan uploaded
  • delete or edit location or floor on the "EDIT LOCATION" screen
  • update notification settings for all devices located in selected location or on selected floor

Managing Notifications

There are several types of notifications to stay up-to-date with Atmocube.

Dashboard notifications

On every screen in the dashboard application, new notifications are indicated with a "jingle bell" icon in the upper right corner. This indicates any new event and also shows the total number of new events. Clicking on this icon opens the "NOTIFICATIONS" screen with a list of all events registered during device(s) operation:

Notifications can be filtered by the following:

  • device location
  • floor location
  • event type (such as parameter and online/offline status notifications; multiple events can be selected)
  • event date/time occurrence

Notifications can be searched by entering keywords or numbers in the "search" input field.

E-mail notifications

E-mail notifications can be turned on/off in the Profile settings for the following events:

  • device online/offline
  • parameter change
  • low battery (for battery powered models in the future)

Notification intervals (for both dashboard and e-mail notifications) can be set in the "Profile" settings.