Atmocube Cloud Dashboard

Managing Users, Roles And Profile Settings

Managing Users

To manage users, click on the “Users'' option on the main menu of the Atmocube dashboard. Administrators and/or owners can complete the following actions:

  • add a new user
  • delete an existing user
  • change the settings of existing users

Adding new user

Click the "Invite User" button in the "Users" screen.

Enter new user information and assign a role (roles and corresponding privileges described in more detail below), and click “Invite.”

User Roles And Privileges

The Atmocube cloud supports the following types of user roles:

Admin role and privileges:

  • browse device data
  • export device data
  • add devices
  • invite, edit and delete users
  • add locations, floors, and floor plans
  • adjust organization settings

Owner role and privileges:

  • same as Admin
  • can be an owner in only one organization
  • cannot be downgraded by another owner or admin

Viewer role and privileges:

  • browse device data 
  • export device data

Users can be assigned a customized role, allowing admin privileges in some locations and viewer privileges in other locations:

Example of assigning custom rights to a user
User with a custom role in the user list

Profile Settings

Profile settings can be accessed from the menu at the top right of the dashboard:

On the "Profile" screen, the following options are available:

  • change first and last name
  • change account e-mail address
  • change between metric and imperial units
  • revoke API key (for technologically advanced users)
  • set minimum notification interval
  • turn on/off e-mail notifications for different types of events
  • change account password

To save any changes, click the "Save" button.