Setting up Atmocube

Wi-Fi Setup via Mobile App

This guide explains how to connect the Atmocube to a Wi-Fi network using the Atmocube Wi-Fi setup application.

Prepare for Configuration

The network LED indicates your Atmocube is ready to establish a connection using the Wi-Fi setup mobile app.

If the network LED is not flashing blue but instead red or green, this indicates that the Atmocube Wi-Fi settings were previously configured and that the Wi-Fi configuration must be reset before proceeding. To reset the Wi-Fi configuration, follow the instructions at  this link

Atmocube supports 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi networks with WPA/WPA2/WPA3 encryption. Atmocube also supports connection to unencrypted Wi-Fi networks via Atmocube Wi-Fi setup app, currently only on Android.

WPA-Enterprise Wi-Fi networks are currently not supported.

Atmocube supports connection to hidden Wi-Fi networks except hidden networks on channel 12 and 13.

For security, it is recommended to use a password-protected Wi-Fi network.

To reset the Wi-Fi settings, please follow the instructions here

Configuring Wi-Fi via the Atmocube Wi-Fi setup app

Step 1.

Download and install the Atmocube Wi-Fi setup app

Available on the App Store
Available on Google Play

Step 2.

Launch the app and follow the instructions.

Step 3.

Select the Wi-Fi network to connect to and enter the network password. Use a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network. It is currently not possible to use the Atmocube with a 5 GHz Wi-Fi network.

Step 4.

After the network password has been accepted, the Atmocube will connect to the network.

If the connection is successful, the Wi-Fi indicator will turn a solid green color.

In case of connection issues, please check the troubleshoot here or consult your ISP or IT admin to clarify connection requirements.

To remotely monitor air quality, connect the Atmocube to the cloud dashboard at by entering the Device ID.