Setting up Atmocube

LED Indicators

Status Indicators

Icon Color Description
power-green Solid green Atmocube is turned on
power-purple Solid purple Atmocube has detected a USB flash drive
power-red Solid red Configuration Error
blue-blinking2 Flashing blue Atmocube is not connected to the cloud; ready for Bluetooth setup
blue Solid blue Atmocube is connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth
green-blinking Flashing green Atmocube is connecting to Wi-Fi/cloud
green Solid green Atmocube is connected to the cloud
flaashing-yellow Flashing yellow Atmocube is connected to Wi-Fi and Cloud; not registered on Atmocube Dashboard
yellow Solid Yellow MQTT is disabled
red-blinking Flashing red Atmocube cloud connection error
red Solid red Atmocube Wi-Fi/network connection error

Air Quality Indicators

The front LED panel of the Atmocube displays various air quality parameter statuses: 

  • CO2
  • Particulate Matter 
  • CH20 - Formaldehyde
  • TVOC - Total Volatile Organic Compounds
  • Temperature
  • Humidity

Atmocube has two indication modes: 

Default mode: all LED indicators are illuminated in the color code according to the most recent measurement.

Silent indication mode: only the power LED indicator is illuminated. To change the LED light mode, press the main button.

For details about the sensors inside the Atmocube and their respective ranges, please refer to this page.