Setting up Atmocube

Resetting the Wi-Fi Connection/Connecting to another Wi-Fi Network

If the Atmocube Wi-Fi settings were previously configured and you want to change the Wi-Fi configuration, the Wi-Fi configuration must be reset.

For a visual guide on how to reset the Wi-Fi configuration on your Atmocube, check out the video tutorial below:

Follow the steps below to reset the Atmocube Wi-Fi configuration and prepare it for Wi-Fi setup:

      1. Press and hold the main button for about 15 seconds until all status indicators on the Atmocube are orange.

      2. Keep holding the button until all status indicators on the Atmocube begin flashing orange, and then release the button.

     3. After the reset is performed and the Wi-Fi settings are ready to be configured again, the network indicator LED will flash blue, as seen below: