Resetting the Wi-Fi configuration

Start by checking the Atmocube status indicators. If Atmocube is already connected to a Wi-FI network, the network status indicator will be a solid green color. 

Follow these steps to reset the Atmocube Wi-Fi configuration:
  1. Connect Atmocube to a power source (if not already connected).
  1. Press and hold the main button for about 15 seconds, until all status indicators on the Atmocube begin flashing orange.
  1. Release the main button within 3 seconds when the indicators start flashing orange.

Note: Around the 10-second mark, all status indicators on the Atmocube will first turn a solid orange color. Around the 15-second mark, all status indicators will begin flashing orange. Please ensure that the main button is held down for 15 seconds until all status indicators are flashing orange. 

Following the steps above, the Wi-Fi configuration will be reset, and the network indicator will start blinking blue, indicating that Atmotube is ready for connection.