General questions

What is Air Quality Score (AQS)?

Atmotube detects a very wide range of harmful gases, toxins and volatile organic compounds (as well as PMs in PRO version). For your convenience we created an accumulative parameter called Air Quality Score (AQS) that can instantly give you an understanding of the quality of air around.

AQS changes from 0 (severely polluted air) to 100 (very clean) points.

Air is good (81-100)

Air quality is considered satisfactory, and air pollution poses little or no risk.

Air is moderate (61-80)

Air quality is acceptable; however, some pollutants can cause moderate health concerns for a very small number of people who are unusually sensitive to air pollution.

Air is polluted (41-60)

Members of sensitive groups may experience health effects. Most people are unlikely to be affected.

Air is very polluted (21-40)

Everyone may begin to experience health effects; for members of sensitive groups health effects may be more serious.

Air is severely polluted (0-20)

Health alert: everyone may experience more serious health effects. Everyone should avoid all outdoor exertion.

Standards for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)