September 21, 2021

Air Quality Results from a 4000 km Road Trip


Sotirios Papathanasiou, the author of "See The Air | The Essential Guide for Optimal Air Quality in Your Life," a well-known book about air pollution went on a monthly trip to explore air quality in different parts of Europe.

Sotirios used Atmotube PRO to measure particulate matter levels on a daily basis.

He drove from Spain to Greece and visited Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, France, and Monaco. Having the opportunity to be exposed to various conditions in different cities, he composed his personal rating of European cities with the cleanest air.

TOP 3 Cities in the Mediterranean with the best air quality:

  • Koper (Slovenia)
  • Monaco City (Monaco)
  • Carcassonne (France)

To read the full report, please, check his blog post at See The Air.

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