General questions

How often does it take measurements?

VOC Measurements: Both Atmotube PRO and Atmotube PLUS measure VOCs every 2 seconds and save the data to the memory every minute.

PM Measurements (Atmotube PRO): The Atmotube PRO measures Particulate Matter (PM) based on a timer or on-demand (triggered by a button press or through the application). It captures PM data every second when activated and saves it every minute.

  • Changing PM Sensor Mode: To adjust the PM sensor mode, navigate to App > Settings > Particulate Matter > Mode on Android and App > Settings > Device > Particulate Matter > Mode on iOS.

Timer Options for PM Sensor:

  • Always ON
  • Always ON only when charging
  • 5 minutes
  • 10 minutes
  • 15 minutes

Temperature, Humidity, and Pressure Measurements: All devices record temperature, humidity, and pressure every second and save the readings to the memory every minute.

For complete technical details, refer to the full technical specifications.

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