Shipping FAQ

International Shipping, Customs, and Import Fees

Important Information

  • If you are ordering international shipping, we kindly ask that you allow 20 working days (it’s about 30 calendar days) for your order to arrive before contacting us.
  • A signature might be required by local carriers. If this is the case and you authorise the carrier to leave your parcel without a signature and you cannot locate it, Atmotech Inc. cannot be held accountable if the delivery goes missing.
  • All local customs charges, import duties and local taxes, if applicable, are payable by you on delivery.
  • Please note that some local carriers may not deliver over the weekends.

Please note that the total amount of your order as displayed at the checkout doesn’t include any of these additional duties. As the customer and importer, you’re liable for all import duties, customs, and local taxes levied by the country you live in; payment of these fees is necessary to release your order from customs. The local carrier will inform you of any additional duties before they deliver it.

Unfortunately we don’t have any control over customs and import tax and we can’t confirm exactly how much you will be charged. Customs and import tax varies widely depending on the country you’re in.

Please check with your local customs office for more information.

In case if your order was not delivered in 20 (30) working days please contact our support team by - we have to make an investigation of every single case. This may take up to 10 business days. We also recommend you to contact the local office of the shipping company on your own - this may help to speed up the investigation process.

We don’t accept claims when according to the tracking number your parcel was delivered. In such cases you should make a direct claim to the forwarder or to the police.

Limits of Customs Duties

For your convenience, you can see the list of countries and the applicable import duty. Please note that the information on the list is not updated every day, and you can check with the postal service of your country for the exact information.


Country Limits
United States 800 USD
Canada 20 CAD (≈14.9 USD)
Argentina 25 USD
50 USD
30 USD
200 USD
All parcels are subject to taxes and duties
50 USD
Puerto Rico
800 USD


Country Limits
Austria 22 EUR (≈23.4 USD)
Belgium 22 EUR (≈23.4 USD)
Bulgaria 30 BGN (≈16.3 USD)
Cyprus 22 EUR (≈23.4 USD)
Czech republic 22 EUR (≈23.4 USD)
Denmark 80 DKK (≈11.4 USD)
Estonia 22 EUR (≈23.4 USD)
Finland 22 EUR (≈23.4 USD)
France 22 EUR (≈23.4 USD)
Georgia All parcels are subject to taxes and duties
Germany 22 EUR (≈23.4 USD)
Greece 22 EUR (≈23.4 USD)
Hungary 22 EUR (≈23.4 USD)
Ireland 22 EUR (≈23.4 USD)
Island All parcels are subject to taxes and duties
Israel 75 USD
Italy 22 EUR (≈23.4 USD)
Liechtenstein 5 CHF (≈5.0 USD)
Luxembourg 22 EUR (≈23.4 USD)
Makedonija 22 EUR (≈23.4 USD)
Malta 22 EUR (≈23.4 USD)
Monaco 22 EUR (≈23.4 USD)
Netherlands 22 EUR (≈23.4 USD)
Norway 350 NOK (≈41.0 USD)
Poland 22 EUR (≈23.4 USD)
Portugal 22 EUR (≈23.4 USD)
Romania 22 EUR (≈23.4 USD)
Russian Federation 200 EUR (≈234 USD)
Slovakia 22 EUR (≈23.4 USD)
Slovenia 22 EUR (≈23.4 USD)
Spain 22 EUR (≈23.4 USD)
Switzerland 5 CHF (≈5.0 USD)
Turkey 75 EUR (≈79.8 USD)
Ukraine 150 EUR (≈159.2 USD)
United Kingdom 15 GBP (≈18.7 USD)


Country Limits
Australia 1000 AUD (≈738.6 USD)
Brunei 1 BND (≈0.7 USD)
China 50 CNY (≈7.3 USD)
Hong Kong Unlimited
All parcels are subject to taxes and duties
Indonesia 50 USD
Japan 10000 JPY (≈90.6 USD)
Lebanon All parcels are subject to taxes and duties
Malaysia 500 MYR (≈113.9 USD)
New Zealand 60 NZD (≈42.5 USD)
All parcels are subject to taxes and duties
Philippines 15 USD
All parcels are subject to taxes and duties
Saudi Aradbia
All parcels are subject to taxes and duties
Singapore 400 SGD (≈281.2 USD)
South Africa
All parcels are subject to taxes and duties
South Korea 150000 KRW (≈127.7 USD)
Sri Lanca
All parcels are subject to taxes and duties
Taiwan 3000 TWD (≈94.4 USD)
Thailand 1000 THB (≈28.2 USD)
UAE 1000 AED (≈272.3 USD)
Vietnam 1000000 VND (≈44.4 USD)

Refusing to Pay Customs

If you choose to refuse the customs fee and the shipment is returned back to Atmotech Inc., a shipping & handling fee will be deducted from your refund.