Atmotube Data Downloader Tool

The Atmotube PRO Data Downloader Tool allows fetching data from an Atmotube PRO unit for a period of up to 7 days using a simple user interface. This tool is straightforward to use — all you need to do is enter your API Key, the MAC ID (Atmotube ID) from your Atmotube device, and indicate a preferred date range of up to 7-days. Data uploaded by the Atmotube unit to the cloud servers can be downloaded directly to your computer as a CSV file.

Access to the cloud API must be enabled in order to use this tool. For more detailed information, please refer to the following page: How to access and use the Atmotube Cloud API?

To get started, request a private API key by contacting us. In order for an API key to be issued, provide the following data from your Atmotube PRO device(s):

  • Serial Number(s) found on the original packaging, OR;
  • Atmotube ID(s) (MAC address) found in App>Settings>About on Android and App>Settings>Device on iOS.

Here are instructions on how to locate these.

Can the Data Downloader Tool extract data from several devices simultaneously?

At the moment, our Data Downloader Tool extracts data from only one device at a time. We're working to improve the tool so that it can fetch data from multiple devices in the near future. 

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