How is Atmotube calibrated?

Atmotube PRO/PLUS

Atmotube PRO and PLUS - a new generation of wearable air quality and weather trackers. Each sensor comes pre-calibrated, you don’t need to calibrate Atmotube PRO or PLUS. Sensors have sophisticated embedded algorithms to perform automatic calibration over time.

The TVOC sensor also features auto-calibration via a dynamic baseline adjustment algorithm but may need recalibration when exposed to a high concentration of VOCs over an extended period of time. This can be done by using the recalibration option in the Atmotube app (App>Settings>Reset VOC Calibration) and exposing the device to fresh air for at least 36 hours. During the initial 36-48 hours, the VOC readings will be inaccurate until a baseline reading is formed.

While most MOx-based TVOC sensors tend to adjust to the environment they are in, which may lead to gradually decreasing readings unless recalibration is performed, the Sensirion TVOC sensor in the Atmotube PRO incorporates a dynamic baseline adjustment algorithm that compensates for these changes and continuously corrects the baseline. As a result, you can trust the accuracy and consistency of TVOC readings over time. The TVOC sensor is also protected by a water and dust protection membrane, reducing variations caused by changes in airflow.

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