Ensure a Reliable Bluetooth Connection between Atmotube and Smartphone

Here are some factors to consider and suggestions to optimize the Bluetooth connection between Atmotube and smartphones:

Device Proximity: Keep the Atmotube and smartphone close together, if possible. Bluetooth is designed for short-range communication. Reducing the distance between the devices can help maintain a strong connection and improve data transfer. As a reference, the reliable connection range for Bluetooth is between 10 and 20 meters. 

Background Operation: Ensure that the Atmotube app is allowed to run in the background on the smartphone. Some smartphones, especially iOS-based smartphones, have aggressive battery-saving features that can terminate apps running in the background, which might interrupt data transmission.

Reduce Interference: Other electronic devices, especially those operating on the same or similar frequencies as Bluetooth (like Wi-Fi routers), can interfere with the connection. It's a good idea to ensure the Atmotube and smartphone are away from potential sources of interference. Also, physical barriers like walls and metal objects can weaken the Bluetooth signal. Avoid placing such barriers between the devices.

Update Software: Ensure that both the Atmotube app and the smartphone's operating system are up-to-date. Smartphone manufacturers and we at ATMO often release updates to fix bugs and improve connection stability.

Bluetooth Settings Optimization: If possible, prioritize the Atmotube's connection in the Bluetooth settings of the smartphone. Some devices allow you to manage multiple Bluetooth connections and give priority to specific devices.

Battery Levels: Ensure that both the Atmotube and the smartphone have sufficient battery levels. Low battery levels can affect the performance of the Bluetooth modules.

Restart Devices in Case of Connection Glitches: This can help clear up any temporary software glitches that might be affecting the Bluetooth connection.

These are steps to ensure that the connection between the smartphone and Atmotube PRO remains reliable.

If you're conducting a study or a project, consider setting up a feedback loop with participants. This will allow them to report any issues they're experiencing, giving you a chance to troubleshoot in real time. Ensure that participants or users are adequately trained to use the devices and have access to our FAQs. They should know how to check the connection, restart devices, and troubleshoot basic issues.

When utilizing the Atmocube Cloud API for data collection, you can ensure that all data is uploaded to the cloud servers by making sure the smartphone to which the device connects has internet access and double-checking that the "Upload historical data to the cloud" option is turned on in the Atmotube app settings. 

For more information on setting up smooth data collection, please refer to the following support pages: 

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Data Storage and Collection

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