I cannot connect to my Atmotube

Press Atmotube button. What is the LED color?

Cannot connect / blue/ green / yellow / orange / red color

When you press the button and LED lights with blue/green/yellow/orange/red color. That means Atmotube is working normally and indicates current AQS level.

  1. Reboot phone
  2. Reboot Atmotube by pressing button for ~7.5 seconds. Check "How to reboot Atmotube"
  3. Make sure you have only 1 device connected to the Atmotube
  4. For Android smartphone - make sure you gave "Location" permission to the app and "Location" is enabled in the system settings. Read more.

I need more help

Cannot connect / blinking white

If LED is blinking white that means hardware error. It may happen during incorrect sensor data reading or sensor/memory failure.

Step 1

In most cases you can easily solve this problem by rebooting the device.

  1. Reboot Atmotube by pressing button for ~7.5 seconds. Check "How to reboot Atmotube"

Step 2

If you device is blinking again right after smartphone connection, please follow the procedure:

  1. Check for firmware update
  2. Reboot Atmotube by pressing button for ~7.5 seconds. Check “How to reboot Atmotube
  3. Start firmware update

If new firmware is not available and the problem still exists, please contact us.

Cannot connect / blinking red

If LED is blinking red that means that device is in the bootloader mode. In this mode Atmotube is waiting for firmware upload.

In most cases, Atmotube should exit from this mode automatically after 2 minutes.

Sometimes, due to firmware updates, Atmotube can stay in bootloader mode. In this case, you should perform the recovery procedure described here: Atmotube Recovery Instructions

Cannot connect / no light

If there is no LED light.

  1. Charge Atmotube. Check out "How to charge Atmotube".
  2. If you cannot charge Atmotube, please contact support for RMA instructions.

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