Know your Atmocube

Atmocube Status Indicators

Atmocube LEDs

Icon Color Description
power-green Solid green Atmocube is turned on
power-purple Solid purple Atmocube has detected a USB flash drive
power-red Solid red Configuration Error
blue-blinking2 Flashing blue Atmocube is not connected to the cloud; ready for Bluetooth setup
blue Solid blue Atmocube is connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth
green-blinking Flashing green Atmocube is connecting to Wi-Fi/cloud
green Solid green Atmocube is connected to the cloud
flaashing-yellow Flashing yellow Atmocube is connected to Wi-Fi and Cloud; not registered on Atmocube Dashboard
red-blinking Flashing red Atmocube cloud connection error
red Solid red Atmocube Wi-Fi/network connection error