April 12, 2022

Atmocube Air Quality Monitor Wins Two Red Dot Design Awards

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Atmocube, an environmental monitor for commercial buildings and public spaces, won two categories at the 2022 Red Dot Design Awards.

Launched at the end of 2021 by ATMO® (formerly Atmotube), the device was recognized both in the “Product Design” category and the “Smart Products” meta category.ё

Atmocube, an indoor environmental and air quality monitor

The Red Dot Design Awards is one of the most prestigious international design competitions. A panel of 48 experts from 23 countries assessed products available on-site in the Red Dot Judging Hall.

Atmocube ensures building environments are healthy and comfortable while reducing energy consumption. The device has up to 14 sensors measuring various environmental parameters such as CO2, formaldehyde, PM1 (small airborne particles), PM2.5, VOC, and tracks vital environmental parameters such as relative humidity, temperature, atmospheric pressure, background noise, and light intensity.

Atmocube’s product design incorporates stylish replaceable modules on the front to provide a customizable look for various indoor environments. Mechanical design is implemented in a way that makes upgradability via additional modules possible: larger batteries or additional sensors and radar can be mounted during production.

Atmocube was awarded with the Red Dot Design Award for its smart features

The product helps facility managers and building owners optimize HVAC workload via integration with the BMS (Building Management System). At the same time, it serves building occupants and visitors by verifying the safety of the air they breathe – the data can be shown on a public display or a mobile device by scanning a QR code or connecting via Bluetooth. At the moment, Atmocube is partnering with researchers from RESET, an air quality certification company, through their RESET Air Viral Initiative. The project’s goal is to finalize a formula that will determine the likelihood of airborne virus transmission in an indoor space.

“We set out to make Atmocube stand out as an eye-catching and stylish device, so people would see it and immediately learn about the air quality around them. It’s a transparency tool for building owners and people”, says Igor Mikhnenko, the founder of ATMO®. “We started product ideation before COVID, but even then we decided to emphasize the external look of it and make it a stylish element of your interior. Before, air quality monitors and thermostats were supposed to be invisible and blend in with the wall. COVID caused a major shift in thinking across all spaces where indoor air quality is a crucial factor for people’s health and wellness. Now people want to be sure that the surrounding environment is safe. Atmocube with its outstanding look and frontal LED indicators showing the real-time status of air quality parameters brings this peace of mind to building occupants. At the same time, it helps organizations better control their air quality and make a positive impact and grow people’s awareness. The Red Dot Jury acknowledged that our ideas were fulfilled through Atmocube’s design and its smart features and we believe that they also agree that technologies for healthy buildings are creating new inspiration and recognition of new challenges to solve.”

The Red Dot Gala award ceremony will take place on June 20, 2022, in Essen, Germany.

Last year, Atmotube won another prestigious design prize – the iF Design Award 2021 in the “Product Concept” category.

Atmocube measures the comfort parameters of the workplace environment
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