May 11, 2023

We Introduced a Data Downloader Tool for Atmotube PRO


We are excited to announce a new Data Downloader Tool for Atmotube PRO air quality monitor! This tool is designed to simplify the process of collecting large volumes of air quality data from the Cloud API, making it easier for researchers, research organizations, and research projects to access and analyze this important information.

Extracting Data from Atmotube PRO Using Cloud API and Data Downloader Tool

There are several ways of extracting data from Atmotube PRO: 

  • CSV data export;
  • Cloud API;
  • Bluetooth API. 

In this blog post, we will discuss Cloud API and Data Downloader Tool, but you can learn more about other ways of data extraction in this article

Cloud API 

The data from Atmotube PRO is synced to a smartphone with an internet connection and then uploaded to a cloud server. You can access this data remotely through the free-of-charge Atmotube Cloud API. 

To automatically upload data from your Atmotube PRO(s) to the cloud servers, ensure that the "Upload historical data to the cloud" option under the “Your Data” section is enabled in Atmotube application settings and that your smartphone is connected to the internet.

Data Downloader Tool

Using a simple user interface, the Atmotube PRO Data Downloader Tool allows the fetching of data uploaded by Atmotube PRO unit for up to 7 days. Before using the tool, ensure that the data is uploaded to the cloud servers as described in the previous section. This tool is straightforward to use — you must write your API Key and MAC ID and indicate a preferred date range. The data will then be extracted from your Atmotube PRO to your computer as a CSV file.

Data Downloader Tool

This tool significantly facilitates data extraction. You do not need specific technical skills to download your data for further analyses. Once the data is downloaded, it can be easily analyzed using various software tools, including Excel, MATLAB, and R. Researchers can use this data to generate reports, graphs, and other visualizations to better understand the air quality parameters measured by Atmotube PRO device.  

Moreover, you can have remote access to the data collected by your Atmotube PRO. For example, if your device is in Kenya, while in the USA, you can easily download the data from your device, knowing its API Key and MAC ID.

How do I know my API Key and MAC address? 

Each Bluetooth device has a unique identifier - a MAC address. You can find the MAC address of your Atmotube in the Atmotube application -> Settings -> About. Each Atmotube also has a Serial Number. You can find the Serial Number for your device at the bottom of the original packaging box marked as SN. To get the API Key, don't hesitate to get in touch with us and provide either the Serial Number found on the original packaging or the MAC address. 

Serial Number on the original packaging box

Can the Data Downloader Tool extract data from several devices simultaneously?

Currently, our Data Downloader Tool extracts data from only one device at a time. 

If you have any suggestions and recommendations on improving the current version of the Data Downloader Tool, for example, adding the possibility to download the data from multiple devices simultaneously, please email us at We're gathering feedback for further feature development.

Learn more about Atmotube's data storage and API

Atmotube Data Storage

Atmotube PRO contains 256 kB of onboard memory. The device can store 14,400 data points, corresponding to one data point per minute over 10 days (1440 minutes per day x 10 days). When the data capacity is complete, the device will start wiping the earliest records to make space for new records, as in a cyclic buffer.

When the Atmotube application is open on a smartphone and connected to an Atmotube PRO unit or the PM sensor mode is set to “Always ON,” real-time 2-second measurements from the sensors are displayed within the application; however, the data from the sensors is stored as averaged 1-minute values.

Data Synchronization 

When Atmotube PRO is not connected to a smartphone, it stores historical data in its onboard flash memory. However, data synchronization occurs when the device is connected to a smartphone. The historical data is transferred to the phone memory. This allows new data to be stored in the onboard flash memory. 

It is important to note that once the historical data is transferred to the smartphone, it is no longer available on flash memory onboard. Therefore, if you are handling multiple Atmotube PRO units, it is recommended to back up data synced from one unit before attempting to extract data from another.

Atmotube PRO uses the date/time of the smartphone it is connected to. Also, GPS information is kept from the historical data since Atmotube PRO does not have a built-in GPS module. You can toggle on the "High accuracy GPS mode" setting in the Atmotube app to collect more precise GPS coordinates. However, the accuracy of GPS coordinates in each mode depends on the smartphone's operating system and relevant location permissions.

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