June 1, 2022

Air Purification and Air Quality Monitoring in Hospital — Pilot Run

Healthcare Facilities

Location: Clemenceau Medical Center, Dubai


Clemenceau Medical Center set out to maximize indoor air quality at their facilities to provide a safer environment for staff and patients. The pilot study aimed to verify the effectiveness of the AirLife in-duct filtration system that was installed in the mechanical ventilation system in December 2021.


Pilot Run Settings:

In November 2021, 8 Atmocube air quality monitors were installed in reference rooms. Based on Atmocube’s measurements of particulate matter PM1, PM2.5, PM10, and TVOCs, an indoor air quality baseline was created. Later, after all necessary data was collected, mechanical engineers installed AirLife Swiss in-duct filtration solution in the ventilation system.

To increase the validity of the experiment and take into account outdoor air quality, 5 Atmocubes were installed in rooms supplied with filtered air from air handling units with AirLife Swiss filters, and another 3 Atmocubes were installed in rooms with other air handling units. Specialists took reference measurements 1 week prior to the installation and 1 week after it.

Atmocube’s dashboard showcases the data for a particular air pollutant or environmental comfort parameter for an unlimited period of time. The data can be downloaded in a CSV file.

Atmocube installed in a reference room. Photo credit: AirLife Swiss
Atmocube's Dashboard. Photo credit: AirLife Swiss


Even though the air quality in the hospital was good, Atmocube monitors identified a 50-60% drop in the PM and TVOC levels in the rooms with the AirLife Swiss in-duct system. The rooms with no AirLife filtration solution didn’t show any difference in terms of air quality.

Photo credit: AirLife Swiss

Such results were achieved because of three layers of air purification:

  • Electrostatic filter cleaned out mechanical pollution;
  • Photocatalytic filter – microbiological pollution;
  • Adsorption filter - TVOCs and odors.

Сonsidering that the mechanical ventilation system's design relies on fresh air intake to decrease TVOC levels, the study's results prove the effectiveness of AL C-Line and the potential to cut down energy consumption since less fresh air will need to be preconditioned.

Photo credit: AirLife Swiss
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