April 10, 2024

Atmocube Receives the Works with WELL Mark

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ATMO®, the developer of air quality monitors for consumers and businesses, has earned the Work with WELL mark from the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) for Atmocube indoor air quality monitors. 

Two current Atmocube models have met Works with WELL licensing criteria for the Air, Thermal Comfort, and Materials features. After third-party validation, they are now featured in the IWBI’s directory for products aligned with health strategies within the WELL Building Standard.

This achievement showcases ATMO’s commitment to creating healthier spaces. Through continuous air quality monitoring, the company strives to raise awareness about the importance of indoor air quality for people’s well-being.

What are the differences between Atmocube models with the Works with WELL trademark?

ATMO currently offers two Atmocube models (SKUs), both approved by the IWBI’s licensing program.

Atmocube BF2-E is the flagship model.

Atmocube BFCO2-E is an upgraded model with additional carbon monoxide and ozone sensors.

How does Atmocube contribute to the WELL certification?

Atmocube is a RESET Grade B certified monitor that allows spaces to comply with WELL v2, LEED V5 O+M beta, and RESET Air programs.

Atmocube’s dashboard features a WELL reporting tool for ongoing maintenance reports and on-site photographs with proof of annual recalibration. For more information about collecting and submitting sensor data to IWBI, please schedule a free consultation with one of our specialists.

Here is the breakdown of WELL v2 features Atmocube aligns with:

Table 1. Atmocube and WELL Features

Table 2. Atmoube and WELL features facilitation

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