October 10, 2023

Atmocube Cloud Dashboard: Updated Charts

Product Updates

In the latest Atmocube Cloud Dashboard update, we've revamped the charts to offer greater flexibility.

Customizing the Number of Charts

Previously, the fixed number of charts on your homepage was set at three. Now, you can have up to five charts on your Dashboard, providing greater flexibility when comparing different parameters.

What's more, you can choose to display only one chart, allowing you to focus on the historical data that's important to you.

Customize the number of charts from one to five on your Dashboard

Introducing the Legend Bar

Now, a color-coded legend bar is conveniently positioned on the left side of the charts, making it convenient to identify parameter deviations at a glance.

Identify parameter deviations with the help of the legend bar

Get in Touch With Us

Do you need assistance with your Cloud Dashboard? Reach out to us at support@atmotube.com.

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