October 18, 2023

LEED v5 Incentivizing Continuous Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

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The beta version of the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certification v5 was announced at Greenbuild 2023. What does this mean for the indoor air quality (IAQ) industry, LEED APs, and sustainability consultants?

Real-Time, Continuous IAQ Monitoring

In previous versions of LEED, projects could choose between flush-out before and during occupancy or air testing before occupancy.

In LEED v.5 O+M Beta, a new approach is being implemented to incentivize continuous indoor air quality (IAQ) monitoring, focusing on awareness and improvement — the IEQ Credit: Indoor Air Quality Performance offers up to 13 points for projects that enhance IAQ (see Indoor Air Quality Performance, pages 66-67). The intent is to promote occupant comfort, well-being, and productivity while identifying opportunities for energy savings.

The requirements for earning points are divided into three options:

Option 1: Measure Indoor Air (1-10 points)
  • Path 1a: Continuously measure key IAQ indicators for a minimum of four consecutive months at an interval of no longer than an hour.
Points for Option 1, Path 1a. Source: LEED v5 Rating System
  • Path 1b: Additionally, provide daily parameter values to illustrate adherence to the minimum IAQ thresholds.
Points for Option 1, Path 1b. Source: LEED v5 Rating System
Option 2: Ventilation and Filtration Standards (1-6 points)
  • Comply with ASHRAE Standard 62.1 ventilation rates or achieve higher rates.
  • Use MERV 13 filtration for outdoor and recirculated air.
Option 3: Strategies to Improve Indoor Air Quality (1-4 points)
  • Implement strategies such as ventilation system maintenance, entryway systems, filter change notification, operable windows, infection risk management, and outdoor air quality monitoring.

Choosing an IAQ Solution for Real-Time Monitoring

The beta version of the LEED v5 rating system specifies that in order to meet the standards for continuous monitoring, indoor air quality monitors must be of a building-grade quality or higher, meeting requirements akin to those set by RESET Air Grade B Accreditation Standards or UL2905 sensors.

Atmocube is one of the RESET Air Accredited Grade B monitors that provides continuous real-time parameter readings.
See LEED v.5 O+M Beta EQ Credit: Indoor Air Quality Performance (pages 66-67)

With its accuracy, data management, and transparency, Atmocube helps you focus on improving your buildings' indoor air quality and environment and promoting awareness.

Atmocube, a RESET Air Grade B indoor air quality monitor
Schedule a call with our Sales Manager to learn more about how Atmocube can help you earn up to 10 points for your LEED v5 O+M project.

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