Stylish-looking anti-pollution mask enables you to breathe cleaner air in the urban environment.

Atmotube ANTI-POLLUTION MASK protects from up to 95% of particulate matter 2.5 and 10. That includes pollen, dust, smoke, soot, dirt, and traffic emissions. Pollution-resistance and minimal air leakage are guaranteed by a four-layer filter and a specially-designed silicone mask frame.


The most common pollutants



Animal hair





Design meets technology

Shield yourself from urban air pollution

Air pollution triggers poor sleep and mood, lower productivity, and faster ageing, with long-term exposure putting you at risk of various chronic illnesses. Wear a mask to protect yourself and breathe cleaner air.

Know when to use the mask

Check how good or bad the air around you is with your personal air quality coach Atmotube PRO, you know exactly when there’s a need to put the mask on.

Empower yourself to breathe cleaner air

A major part of air pollution comes from human-generated sources. Educate yourself about air pollution and start developing more eco-friendly habits to take care of yourself, your close ones, and our planet.

Multi-layer protection

With 4-layer filter technology, Atmotube ANTI-POLLUTION MASK will keep you healthy and safe from urban air pollution. The mask comes with two filters. Easily replaceable, each filter lasts up to one week of use.

‍Inside layer — soft and skin-friendly finish layer, made from hypoallergenic fabric
‍Frame — provides a perfect adjustment to the mask and to your face
Electro charged layer — filters smaller PM2.5, fine dust, and bacteria
Outside layer — made from non-woven fabric, filters dust, pollen, and other large particulates matter

Size guide

Atmotube ANTI-POLLUTION MASK now comes in size S/M that will likely fit, if you are an average adult or teenager. To make sure this size fits you, take a tape measure and follow the instructions below.

Measure your face from the middle of your nose to about an inch below your chin. Measure your face from your right cheekbone to your left cheekbone. A properly fitting mask should cover this area.

Please, note, that proper mask fitting might be affected by facial hair such as beards or mustaches that interfere with the respirator’s sealing surface.

Turned out it’s not your size? Don’t worry, we are planning to add more sizes soon. Drop a line at , and we’ll inform you when your size is in stock.


Order an additional one-month Atmotube REPLACEMENT FILTERS supply pack. Each pack contains four replacement filters.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Atmotube ANTI-POLLUTION MASK for?
We’ve designed Atmotube ANTI-POLLUTION MASK to be a stylish health accessory for anyone who cares about their health and wellbeing. Whether you are sensitive to air pollution (for example, if you have dust, pollen or animal hair allergies) or you just want to protect yourself and your close ones from harmful air pollution and reduce any potential health risks, Atmotube ANTI-POLLUTION MASK can help you. Using such a mask is also good for cyclists, bikers, and drivers, as air pollution levels on and near busy roads are usually higher.
How often do I have to change the filters?
On average, we recommend changing the filters every 30 hours of active use. Filters are meant for single use. Cleaning or reusing old filters will affect their filtration properties. If you run out of filters, you can order an additional supply pack anytime here (each pack contains four replacement filters).
Can Atmotube ANTI-POLLUTION MASK be washed?
Yes, the textile part of the mask is washable. Remove the filter before washing the mask. Filters are meant for single use. Cleaning or reusing old filters affects their filtration properties. If you run out of filters, you can order an additional supply pack anytime here.

To get your mask clean, wash it by hand in lukewarm water. We recommend using a soft brush and neutral detergent to clean the stubborn stains and rinsing the mask with clean water, otherwise, detergent residues may damage the mask or leave harmful residual vapors that could be inhaled. After you finish washing the mask, let it dry away from direct sunlight.
Does Atmotube ANTI-POLLUTION MASK have any certifications?
The most important part of any mask that guarantees protection from airborne pollution is the filter. Our filter is GB19083-2010 and GB2626-2006 certified and also meets the N95 standard.
Is Atmotube ANTI-POLLUTION MASK sterile?
Atmotube MASK is partly sterilized. The textile part of the mask is not sterilized while filters have passed through the ethylene oxide sterilization process. Each filter comes in an individual sealed and also sterilized package. Filters have an expiration period of 3 years in good packaging condition.
What’s the return policy for Atmotube ANTI-POLLUTION MASK?
Atmotube ANTI-POLLUTION MASK is considered a personal item and for hygiene reasons, we are unable to exchange any mask that has been removed from its sealed packaging.
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