Setting up Atmocube

Turning On The Atmocube For The First Time

Plug the USB Type-C connector of the power cable into the slot at the back of the Atmocube. Then, plug the second connector into the power adapter in the wall outlet. The power LED indicator will turn green to indicate the Atmocube is on.

The sensors require up to three minutes to warm up and begin obtaining readings. Once completed, all light indicators will turn to a solid color indicating the current status. After the first powering up, the TVOC sensor indicator will not immediately be illuminated. The sensor will take up to three days to calibrate its baselines to provide accurate readings.

Status Indicators

On the front panel, there are the following status indicators for the Atmocube systems:

Icon Color Description
power-green Solid green Atmocube is turned on
power-purple Solid purple Atmocube has detected a USB flash drive
power-red Solid red Configuration Error
blue-blinking2 Flashing blue Atmocube is not connected to the cloud; ready for Bluetooth setup
blue Solid blue Atmocube is connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth
green-blinking Flashing green Atmocube is connecting to Wi-Fi/cloud
green Solid green Atmocube is connected to the cloud
flaashing-yellow Flashing yellow Atmocube is connected to Wi-Fi and Cloud; not registered on Atmocube Dashboard
red-blinking Flashing red Atmocube cloud connection error
red Solid red Atmocube Wi-Fi/network connection error